Friday, September 28, 2007

Part 3 - Picture Images of Islam

Here are some additional Pictures of Islam, do these offend you? Your comments are always welcome.


  1. A New Yorker Speaks Out9/28/2007

    These pictures don't offend me. I know the true face of Islam.
    As an American living in New York City, I learned everything gamn thing I ever wanted to know about Islam on 911.

  2. God is White9/30/2007

    Allah is a WUSS
    Jesus is great!
    Muhummad screws pigs!
    Followers of Islam are Terrorist ...

  3. Howling Madd10/01/2007

    I'd like to see more funny pictures and cartoons. The world is going mad, a sense of humor must be maintained during these trying times of uncertinity.


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